Moldable desiccants can simplify filling, improve product protection

Article focuses on moldable desiccants, a key presentation topic for the May 27 Healthcare Packaging Conference & Workshops event in Princeton, NJ.

Hp 19277 Tricor Braun

During the event , Jad Darsey, new market and technology development at Tricor Braun, hopes that attendees will come away from this workshop with an understanding of new desiccant technologies on the market and the benefits they offer not only for products but also for the filling and manufacturing process.

Contrary to the belief that there is a huge up-charge for in-wall desiccants, Darsey says that moldable desiccants offer better product protection for a longer timeframe than traditional loose desiccants—and at a reduced overall cost.

“Some of the early products were much more expensive—many times what traditional systems would cost,” he says. But today's in-wall desiccants can lean the manufacturing process: “They remove extra SKUs and in some cases remove certain equipment from the manufacturing process, such as dry air or heated desiccant insertion equipment as well as desiccant inspection equipment,” says Darsey.

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