New blown film line installed for medical films

Identical to the nine-layer line recently installed in Belgium is Amcor's blown film line in Mundelein, IL.

Hp 19270 Alcan 9 Layer Coex Line Showing Dies
Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas announces the installation of a new, nine-layer blown film line in a controlled environment at Amcor
Flexibles' Mundelein, IL, facility.

“This multi-million dollar investment is central to Amcor's ongoing commitment to meeting our healthcare customers' requirements for innovation, quality and value,” said
Tom Cochran, president, Americas & Medical Europe.

Specifically tailored to the production of medical films, the new Windmoeller & Hoelscher line is equipped with auto-gauging, web cleaners, and vision systems to ensure the highest quality.

“The new line enhances our capabilities to develop and manufacture next-generation peelable films, oxygen and moisture barrier films, and high-performance forming films,” commented Michael Barr, product manager Americas, Coex & Converted. “In addition, Amcor can utilize the new lines' capabilities to improve films used in our lamination processes.”

The new line is identical to a nine-layer line recently installed in Amcor Flexibles' Gent, Belgium, facility. The two sister lines offer customers back-up manufacturing capabilities within Amcor to ensure continuity of supply.
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