Cryopak is taking a leadership role by presenting at this years IQPC Conference in Toronto, Canada

Cryopak will be represented at this years IQPC conference in Toronto Canada with a workshop by Technical Services Manager, Anthony Alleva, and a panel discussion lead by TCP President/CEO, Maurice Barakat.

Mr. Alleva's workshop will focus on the use of phase change materials in temperature controlled package design.

"The inclusion of phase change materials in cold chain packaging has become more common in the package designs we do at Cryopak," Alleva said. "The unique ability to maintain temperatures at tight specifications allows for greater flexibility and re-usability in certain pack-outs."

Mr. Barakat, along with other industry leaders, will be leading a panel discussion on sustainable initiatives.

"Cryopak is trying to take a strong leadership role in the sustainability initiative that is vastly affecting our industry," Barakat said.

For more information on this year's IQPC Conference click here!
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