TraceLink Takes On Drug Counterfeiting

As the serialization deadline approaches, TraceLink is in a unique position to capitalize on the multibillion-dollar opportunity.

A recent Boston Globe article discussed the impending deadline defined by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act and a software startup that is ready to capitalize on it. TraceLink Inc., a Massachusetts-based serialization software company that employs 255 workers, has created a digital system to serialize products. The software generates data that defines drug type, where it was made, and shipment dates that pharmaceutical manufacturers can share with vendors and regulators.

While other serialization companies are marketing on-premises solutions that vendors can install on in-house servers, TraceLink’s tracking system is Internet-based and runs off servers operated by “The ultimate goal is to have complete visibility of every step, from manufacturer to patient,” said CEO, Shabbir Dahod. “That will create better outcomes for everyone.”

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