Revealing Manufacturers’ DSCSA Readiness

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance, a national organization representing primary pharmaceutical distributors, will hold a Traceability Seminar Nov. 8-10 in Washington, DC.

HDA’s annual Traceability Seminar is where industry leaders come together to gauge their company’s — and the industry’s — progress in implementing the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

For the second year in a row, the seminar will present the findings of the HDA Research Foundation’s DSCSA "Readiness Survey" of manufacturers. The survey will evaluate the flow of serialized product and data to wholesale distributors as it relates to the DSCSA requirement for manufacturers to begin serializing product (now extended to 2018). View the results of 2016 Manufacturer Readiness Survey here.

Register today for the traceability event and hear the results of the survey as your company plans for the 2023 finish line. In addition, the seminar is a great way to stay cognizant of the latest DSCSA implementation updates.

Serving as sponsors for the 2017 Seminar are Accenture, Adents, Antares Vision North America, LLC, Arvato Systems N.A., Blue Link Associates, KNAPP Logistics Automation, KPMG, LLP, LSPediA,  Mettler-Toledo PCE Track and Trace, Movilitas Consulting GmbH, Optel Vision, rfXcel Corporation, TraceLink Inc., Vantage Consulting Group, Verify Brand, LLC and WDSrx - Woodfield Distribution, LLC.



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