Cryo Store B.V. to Use Cryogenic Logistics Products in Europe

For use in pharma and biotech biostorage applications, the products will help overcome risks in shipping liquid nitrogen containers along with complex logistics systems.

Cryo Store B.V. is a Netherlands-based logistical partner for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and food industry, focusing on packaging, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products.

The European biostorage company will use cryogenic logistics products from Cryoport, Inc. to better serve the logistics needs of its life sciences customers. Cryo Store provides storage and distribution services for temperature-controlled goods to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Cryo Store will offer Cryoport's end-to-end cryogenic logistics solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers utilizing its biostorage services, in order to overcome the risks and challenges of shipping in liquid nitrogen containers along with complex logistics systems.

Cryoport's purpose-built cryogenic logistics products allow for the transportation of product without degradation of sample material. This ensures optimal sample usage and supports high quality research. The products include a full range of integrated capabilities, including the SmartPak II™ wireless condition monitoring system and Cryoport Express® dry vapor dewars. This collaboration ensures a smooth and on-time delivery of uniform samples.

Menno René Sappé, Director, Cryo Store, says, "We chose to partner with Cryoport because of their cold chain logistics expertise and proven ability to manage the challenges of transporting valuable, temperature-sensitive biological materials. Cryo Store is continuously handling and transporting such materials throughout Europe. As a result, we immediately see the benefit of Cryoport's specialized operating platform that employs industry-leading technology to ensure the timely and secure delivery of valuable samples. We are confident that Cryoport's assistance in the cold chain logistics space will be an unparalleled asset to our biostorage business."

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