Just-in-Time Global Logistics Program

QuickSTAT partners with Almac Group to develop a temperature-controlled packaging management system to strengthen their global supply chain.

QuickSTAT and Almac Group announced a partnership that will provide a Just In Time (JIT) solution to improve turnaround times of phase-change shippers and other Vacuum Insulated Packaging (VIP) systems. The program will help to ensure the viability of high-risk shipments to geographical and logistically challenging countries in order to minimize the risk of a shipment temperature excursion.

The Phase Change Shipping units will be fulfilled on a JIT basis, with same-day dispatch for each customer shipment. The units will be conditioned under the manufacturer’s strict standard operating procedures for the specific temperature ranges required: +2° to +8° C, +15° to +25° C, and -25° to-15° C.

They will be transported in an expedited manner, with same-day dispatch, reducing turnaround time and accelerating delivery to most locations worldwide by at least 24 hr from previous industry methods.

The base operation for the program will be in a newly commissioned QuickSTAT temperature-controlled facility, which was designed, mapped and qualified according to EU GDP guidelines. The facility is strategically located near the Belfast International Airport, and 30 minutes from Almac’s global headquarters in Craigavon, UK.

The Inventory Management System, developed by QuickSTAT’s in-house IT team, has can track VIP shippers in transit, monitor the actual time the package is valid from packout time, and calculate time from packout to expiration, based on the packaging validation specifications. It also includes a managed inventory, inclusive of returns, providing efficient use of return shippers, which is environmentally friendly.

“QuickSTAT is committed to providing customized solutions for our lifescience clients to meet the ever-challenging demands of the industry. We are pleased to offer this enhanced service, and look forward to working together with Almac Group to create innovations to strengthen their global supply chain,” says Paul White, Corporate Executive Vice President, QuickSTAT.

"We are looking forward to the continued partnership with QuickSTAT and the seamless JIT service that this new facility will provide to Almac and our global clinical trial customers," says Sharon Courtney, Logistics Services Manager at Almac.

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