Condom Packaging Features Built-In Consent

An innovative new condom requires four hands to open its packaging, implying consent from both parties.

Consent Pack / Image: Tulipan
Consent Pack / Image: Tulipan

The #MeToo movement has raised awareness of the importance of consent when it comes to two adults taking their relationship to the physical level. According to a recent CNet article, a company based in Argentina has developed an innovative new packaging solution in the same vein. Tulipan’s “Consent Pack” condoms require four hands pressing sets of buttons simultaneously to open the box.

The limited-edition product has been distributed in bars and at events around Buenos Aires. It has gained a lot of attention on social media with the hashtag “PlacerConsentido,” which translates to “permitted pleasure.” The idea for the unique packaging came after AHF Argentina, an advocacy organization for people with HIV, reported that only 14.5% of Argentinian men regularly use a condom.

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