TAB Industries LLC: New Line of Automated Orbital Wrappers

Wrapper Tornado line wrappers sense pallet, wraps and discharges. Features proprietary sensor array.

A new line of automated orbital wrappers in the TAB Wrapper Tornado line from TAB Industries, LLC. Wraps plastic film 360 degrees around and under the pallet and its load at the push of a button or by wireless remote control from a forklift.

Featuring a proprietary sensor array, the new orbital wrapping machines automatically sense the presence of a pallet load set on the load conveyor and calculate the pallet length and midpoint, then advance the pallet load into the wrapping ring. After wrapping the preset number of wraps at the front, middle and back of the pallet for the ideal amount of film coverage, the unitized pallet load advances to the discharge conveyor ready for transport or storage. When the wrapped pallet is removed from the discharge, the next pallet load automatically advances for wrapping using a single-in, single-out setup for a smooth, efficient workflow.

Developed to speed the packaging process with a hands-free, safety-first approach, the new, PLC-controlled orbital wrappers allow a single lift truck driver to manage the entire wrapping function without leaving his/her seat. The new line of stretch wrappers comprises three standard models with 100-in., 80-in., and 40-in. wrapping rings and is available in custom sizes as needed.

Packaging machines in the automated TAB Wrapper line are manufactured in the company's Reading, PA headquarters and ship fully assembled with a full warranty ready to plug in and operate.