Wildeck: LadderLink™ Modular Access System

Rugged framework of core, bolt-together components allows users to quickly select, connect, and create work platforms, crossovers, and stairs.

Wildeck, Inc. Access products subsidiary, Ladder Industries, has announced its new LadderLink™ Modular Access System that provides an affordable and rugged framework of five core bolt-together components that will allow users to easily create a customized access solution for distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing operations.

The system is a response to customers’ requests for a more affordable, safe, and highly adaptable access solution. The company designed a stronger, component-based structural steel system that is easier on facility budgets and safer than competitive aluminum structures and designs.

According to Wildeck, the LadderLink system utilizes a framework of five pre-engineered steel components that easily combine to create virtually endless configurations of work platforms, crossovers, and stairs. Continuous toe-board/kickplate and handrail on platforms, ladders, and stairs improves safety while standardized components reduce delivery time, are easy to assemble, and increase productivity and efficiency. The LadderLink system allows customers to re-configure their access needs in response to facility changes and growth.

Standard LadderLink components include the following:

  1. Diamond plate platform decks
  2. Guardrail with continuous handrail and kickplate
  3. Towers/supports
  4. Vertical access ladders/ship ladders
  5. OSHA and IBC-compliant stairs
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