Vaisala: Indigo 201 Analog Output Transmitter

A new host device for GMP251 and GMP252 carbon dioxide probes, the Indigo 201 is a first product in a series of host devices designed to extend functionalities for existing and future Vaisala's Indigo-compatible probes.

Vaisala’s Indigo 201 provides an optional display, analog outputs and relays, and a wireless user interface accessed easily by, for example, a mobile phone.

The currently available Indigo-compatible CO2 probes, GMP251 and GMP252, are designed for harsh and humid environments. They are used in life science incubators, cold storages, and other demanding applications.

According to the company, carbon dioxide is used more often in refrigeration systems because it is more environmental friendly and has a lower impact on global warming than CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. At the same time it is important in these systems to monitor the CO2 levels with reliable measurements for human safety.

The Indigo 201 uses a wireless user interface for easy configuration: Users can easily configure the host using any device with a WLAN connection, such as a laptop, computer or a mobile phone. Temporary viewing of measurement data of the attached Indigo-compatible probe can be done wirelessly.

The host also allows for minimal downtime as the probe can be easily removed and changed to a new one. Users can also calibrate the probe with the help of Indigo 201.

The measurement result can be shown on the display or be converted into other formats, for example, analog output signals and for relay activation. These features are useful in various control and monitoring systems, and the relays can be used even to build small scale system, such as to turn on/off a fan or give an alarm.