Toolots Unveils HQ and Expanded Warehouse

New 114,000-sq-ft facility in Cerritos, Calif., houses inventory of industrial equipment.

Toolots, inc. unveiled its headquarters in Cerritos, Calif., filling a recently renovated and expanded 114,000-sq-ft facility. It features a warehouse for Toolots’ inventory of industrial equipment and a showroom to showcase state-of-the-art equipment available for purchase.

The company provides factory-direct industrial machinery, tools and technology to international manufacturers. Although Toolots does not directly serve the life sciences/pharma industries, the company does provide a distribution channel that streamlines the logistical process for American industrial machinery manufacturers to export their equipment overseas, including shipping the equipment.

Toolots’ distribution model also shortens the delivery time for manufacturers purchasing industrial equipment. The warehouse in Cerritos is key in this effort because of its proximity to some of the busiest ports in the U.S., including the Port of Los Angeles.

The headquarters will be formally unveiled during Toolots’ inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit from Aug. 29 to 31. The event is designed to promote international trade amongst manufacturers and bolster the American manufacturing export market. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders who oversee, regulate and guide international trade, as well as U.S.-based manufacturers and a host of agencies and organizations that promote global trade and export. The summit will explore key topics surrounding international commerce and the manufacturing industry through a variety of panel discussions on topics that include the following:

• Protecting intellectual property

• Managing import/export finance

• The realities of doing business in China and abroad

• Navigating customs, SOLAS and international law