Systech: UniSecure Update

Anti-counterfeiting technology protects brand integrity and consumers, providing visibility throughout the supply chain via smartphone.

Systech International, a global provider of brand protection solutions, announced its Spring 2017 Update to UniSecure™.

UniSecure is a non-additive product authentication offering that creates a unique identifier from an existing barcode or QR code. This electronic “fingerprint” cannot be copied or duplicated—no matter how clever the counterfeiter. It requires no changes to existing packaging, offers fast implementation, and allows real-time authentication via any smartphone.

The enhancements in this update provide greater visibility to an item's path through the supply chain, plus better collaboration between brand owners and consumers.

UniSecure can now not only trace an item throughout the supply chain and confirm or deny its authenticity, it can also capture, share, and update identity information specific to that item, such as status, geo-location, or shelf placement.

The new features were driven by Systech customers' need to have a 360-degree view of their supply chain. UniSecure can communicate the status of an item throughout its lifecycle, and allow a brand owner to learn whether an item was diverted, stolen, or dispensed. Patient and consumer safety is now assured using your smartphone—anytime, anywhere.

UniSecure is designed to deliver immediate authentication at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. The additive nature of other product authentication solutions requires the re-engineering and/or re-design of packaging, processes, or manufacturing lines. UniSecure leverages existing packaging and requires no modifications to production lines or business processes, saving time to implement and cost to deploy.

Counterfeiting is a global problem—one enabled through legitimate supply chains and e-commerce marketplaces. Fraudulent products continue to enter the market undetected, and companies are realizing any label or barcode (even those serialized) can be copied.

Systech says its solutions are more cost-effective and easier to implement than additive methods like RFID tags, holograms or foil, and is currently being used by dozens of leading pharmaceutical and brand-conscious companies around the globe.