Thomas Packaging: Track and Trace Serialization Equipment

Company now distributes track and trace and serialization equipment made by Lixis and Verifarma, both from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thomas Packaging has added track and trace and serialization equipment to its product line.

Lixis focuses on providing cost-effective, smart products for track and trace in the pharmaceutical industry. They have been in this market since 2001 and have more than 1,300 systems installed worldwide. Lixis designs and builds their products and software in-house. Their track-and-trace systems focus on serialization, aggregation, data inspection, and data linking.

For many years Lixis has also offered different vision systems for pharmaceutical packaging line control. These include a range of equipment for carton serialization and aggregation and palletization.

They provide products for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic pharmaceutical packaging lines. Lixis’s flexible solutions link production data with plant systems and databases that assist virtually any type of packaging line:

  • Suitable for integration either online or as an independent manual feeding module
  • Capable of controlling the printing of variable data (datamatrix, GTIN, serial number, batch number, expiration date, etc.)
  • Performs optical character recognition and datamatrix quality check per ISO 15415 using artificial vision.
  • Designed for easy operation. Their systems require little operator intervention

Lixis offers aggregation modules for end-of-line track-and-trace control. Their modules are designed for matching the datamatrix code printed on the carton or bottle with the bundle or shipping case label.

  • Performsimultaneous reading of cartons in a bundle or case through a single image
  • Manage batch information assuring the redundancy needed for a disaster recovery policy
  • Perform all production rework on a single piece of equipment
  • Work with or without a connection to the production server
  • Manage automatic end-of-line systems, such as print-and-apply labels and rejection
  • Options available for every type of application



Verifarma is a comprehensive traceability service company for the pharmaceutical industry. They offer turnkey solutions utilizing a cloud-based system with their own security infrastructure as well as personalized and specialized after-sales service. More than 2,000 companies worldwide use Verifarma systems and services including pharmaceutical packagers, distributors, drug wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Their software covers the complete supply chain from packaging to distribution centers to pharmacies. They have applications in pharmaceutical, animal health, medical devices, and other industries that serialize packages.

Verifarma’s software works with Lixis, or other track-and-trace system manufacturers, to provide a comprehensive serialization service. The process begins with the batch register. Information comes from your ERP/ MES to Verifarma. Verifarma can assign and create serial numbers and send them to the production line and the Lixis system to print them on cartons, bundles, boxes, and pallets. The final batch data is sent to the Verifarma service for long-term storage and transmission to the ERP system and other partners like the distributor or others in the supply chain. The system generates T3 transaction documents including the Transaction History (TH), Transaction Information (TI), and Transaction Statement (TS).

Using Verifarma’s software, you do not need to modify your ERP system. Verifarma can provide systems with interfaces to Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, or many other ERP systems. However, in addition to the interface, the system stores your data in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. As a result, you do not need to install or maintain a new server. Data is downloaded to your site whenever you run a batch.

Each system includes 24/7 software support in English from Verifarma’s customer support department.