Graphic Security Systems: Customizable security

BrandMarkā„¢ customizable security system uses an encoded icon that can be authenticated using a smartphone app.

With the growing number of counterfeits being produced globally, it is becoming imperative that brand owners protect their products and supply chain. By taking a holistic approach to fight counterfeiting and diversion, Graphic Security Systems Corp. (GSSC) has developed BrandMarkā„¢, a customizable security solution that utilizes an encoded icon that can be authenticated using the customerā€™s proprietary smartphone app.

The mark contains hidden layers of information and is copyproof. The authentication process does not require an Internet connection as everything takes place directly on the phone. Once connection is established, all data can be transmitted and stored. As the video shows, the app is user-friendly and is as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone camera. The app is robust enough to handle bad lighting, shaky hands, and various angles of operation.

It can be easily printed using both traditional and digital printing methods.

The BrandMarkā„¢ app not only has the capability to authenticate the product, but it can identify which product is being examined and the territory the product is intended for. It can also be applied along with GSSCā€™s Doc-U-LokĀ® security feature, which enables front-end serialization and track-and-trace methods. Through the use of reverse geo-location, product videos, surveys, and coupons, the app also provides useful market intelligence that cannot be acquired solely through standard packaging on a consumer level.

BrandMarkā„¢ helps the customer keep an eye on the intended targetā€¦brand protection, smartphone app, easy authentication, and marketing all rolled into one.