Temperature-controlled containers aid Haiti relief efforts

AcuTemp Thermal Systems, a manufacturer of active and passive containers for transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and bio-medical products, and CSafe, LLC, a provider of active container solutions for the temperature-sensitive airfreight market, are offering relief agencies their temperature-controlled containers for use in shipping and storing blood, vaccines, and other critical temperature-sensitive medical supplies for the Haitian relief effort.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic earthquake in Haiti,” states Brian Kohr, president of AcuTemp Thermal Systems. “Because of the desperate need, we are offering our solutions to relief agencies that are administering medical aid to the victims. We know the importance of keeping life-saving blood, medicines, and other medical supplies at the right temperature to ensure they are usable, so offering our products for this cause is the best way for us to help the victims of this disaster that are suffering so greatly.”

Products available to relief agencies from AcuTemp include passive insulated shipping boxes and active mobile containers, such as the company's AX56L mobile refrigerator/freezer and the AX2100LG refrigerated pallet sized container, which are powered by either AC or battery.

CSafe, LLC, provider of the AcuTemp RKN refrigerated air cargo container, is making its battery or AC-powered refrigerated unit available to relief agencies and their transport partners.The unit is ideal for transporting or storing large quantities of temperature-controlled medical supplies that are critical in the life-saving rescue effort.