Temperature-sensitive pallet shippers

According to the regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration, "There shall be written procedures designed to assure that correct labels, labeling, and packaging materials are used for drug products" (21 CFR 211.130) and "Each manufacturer shall control labeling and packaging operations to prevent labeling mixups" (21 CFR820.120d). Verification of the correct labels can be simple or complex. A labeling process that utilizes preprinted labels affixed during the packaging process may require a simple verification. A more complex verification may be required for a process such as the downloading of product information from an ERP system for the on-line printing of unit labels and cartons that could include printing, reading, and verifying bar codes.

• RKN thermal pallet shipper permits economic large-payload shipments

• VaxiCool mobile refrigerators/freezers store and transport vaccines and biological materials

• HemaCool mobile blood storage refrigerator/freezer accommodates blood supplies, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals under harsh environmental conditions