AriZona opts for custom hot-fillable PET

The 20-oz PET panel-less bottles represent a new technology.

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Recognizing the intrinsic link between product, package and consumers’ product experience, AriZona Beverage Co. has recently introduced a range of its ready-to-drink beverages in 20-oz custom PET bottles. These bottles are made with Vertical Compensation Technology ™ (VCT™) from Constar Intl. ( VCT permits a panel-less bottle for hot-fill beverages. AriZona Beverage Co. is said to be the first major brand to commercialize Constar’s VCT technology.

Constar is supplying AriZona Beverage Company with “Tallboy” PET bottles for seven SKUs of AriZona iced teas and juices, including Green Tea, Sweet Tea, Lemon Tea, Half & Half Lemonade Iced Tea, Watermelon Juice, Mucho Mango, and Fruit Punch.

Many of AriZona Beverage Company’s products are hot-filled, which requires bottles that can accommodate the initial heat of filling and the ensuing cooling process. Constar’s PET bottles with VCT technology provide a high performing, highly appealing alternative that employs a special geometry to address the hot-fill process. The new bottles were designed using Constar’s CONSTruct™ advanced predictive engineering software, which optimizes performance and material use.

John Balboni, president and chief business development officer at AriZona stated, “Just as our customers want more from their favorite beverage, we want more from our packaging. Thanks to Constar’s advanced technology, we now have a new PET bottle that not only protects the beverage, but uses less raw material, is lighter in weight, is more rigid, and allows us to fill more product in less time.”

-Pat Reynolds

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