Purely Sedona's Package Design Resembles Old-Time Pharmacy Tonic Bottle

The Boston round-style container and retro label design conjure a medicinal feel that emphasizes the purity and healing properties of Purely Sedona spring water.

Purely Sedona's Package Design Resembles Old-Time Pharmacy Tonic Bottle
Purely Sedona's Package Design Resembles Old-Time Pharmacy Tonic Bottle

Purely Sedona, an artesian spring water product from Sedona Bottling Co., has been launched in lightweight PET containers designed by ScorCreative at Amcor, the structural design studioco-located at Amcor Rigid Plastics

The 500-mL and 1-L proprietary bottles deliver a highly attractive and eye-catching look that differentiates Purely Sedona from other products in the highly competitive premium water category.

Sedona Bottling already offers the premium spring water in glass but sought to create a PET bottle family as well for certain venues, according to Cady Gokey, President of Sedona Bottling Co. In collaboration with ScorCreative, Sedona Bottling undertook a rebranding of anexisting stock PET bottle. “We wanted a package that looked like glass and had the same performance,” says Gokey. “PET bottles are a necessary option in certain venues like tourist events, pools, schools, hotels, and restaurants, thus allowing the brand to be more accessible.”

Purely Sedona originates from a registered and protected artesian spring in the Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, AZ. Oak Creek Canyon is a sacred river gorge that runs along the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona. The water that emerges from the canyon is naturally purified, yet it retains the trace minerals and electrolytes that set it apart from competitors, according to Sedona Bottling. The water’s natural filtration process eliminates contaminants while retaining key minerals that deliver better flavor and nutritional benefits. Oak Creek Canyon water also has a natural pH of 8, making it naturally less acidic than other spring water. Natural electrolytes and zero sodium make the water source one of the premier springs in the Southwest.

ScorCreative focused on a medicinal-style design to showcase the purity and healing properties that are said to be derived from the spring water, according to Rick Rangler, Senior Design Lead for ScorCreative. The novel retro design is tall and sleek and is similar to a Boston round-style bottle. The glass-like container incorporates a 28-mm black closure to convey the look of an old-time pharmacy tonic bottle.

The ScorCreative design team worked closely with Sedona Bottling to meet its branding requirements while also satisfying engineering demands surrounding the base and shoulder, as well as stacking issues. “ScorCreative did a phenomenal job of converting the glass bottle into PET, and they successfully resolved engineering issues,” says Gokey.

The product development cycle was compressed so both parties opted for an intense one-day design session at Amcor headquarters. Amcor’s team of industrial designers and packaging engineers worked closely with the customer, presenting initial concepts and then providing rapid-fire response for multiple design iterations that culminated in a final design at day’s end.

Purely Sedona recently had a soft launch at Sprouts Farmers Market, a specialty grocery store chain based in Phoenix. An expanded commercial rollout to other Southwest retailers is expected later this year. Gokey says additional package sizes including 12-oz and 1.5-L PET bottles are also being examined.

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