Swiss American CDMO Enters Into Agreement With LiquiGlide

With the agreement, Swiss American becomes the first CDMO offering LiquiGlide’s technology to the global skin care market.

Photo courtesy of LiquiGlide
Photo courtesy of LiquiGlide

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Swiss American CDMO, a Dallas-based medical device and drug product manufacturer specializing in topical skin care products, has announced an agreement with LiquiGlide, the inventors of the EveryDrop™ dispensing platform, a non-toxic slippery surface technology that eliminates the friction between solids and liquids, resulting in zero product waste for consumer packaged goods. The technology is made from materials classified as safe by the FDA, meets rigorous safety and regulatory standards, and has been commercially launched in Europe, North America, and Asia in other packaged goods categories.

LiquiGlide’s research indicates more than 50 billion packages sold worldwide every year will be discarded with enough product remaining inside to fill 110,000 semi-trucks. But with LiquiGlide, all product is evacuated, making the packages more acceptable to recycling centers. Swiss American will leverage global skin care expertise, in close partnership with LiquiGlide, to introduce this win-win solution.

“Swiss American brings continuous innovation to our clients, resulting in breakthrough skin and sun care formulations and new pathways in production and packaging. We are excited to bring this technology to the skin care market and are ready to leverage our quality and product safety standards to ensure successful and compliant product launches,” says Komel Grover, president and CEO of Swiss American CDMO. “If a consumer spends $20 for a lotion, they should get $20 worth from the bottle. Another great benefit is the remaining packaging is better prepared for recycling in a more sustainable manner.”

“We are thrilled to work with a leading manufacturing firm like Swiss American CDMO that is as rigorous about quality, safety, and compliance as we are,” says Daniel Rippy, CEO of LiquiGlide. “In addition, beyond the significant sustainability advantages of the technology, the EveryDrop dispensing platform is a tool for product developers to reimagine products and packaging to create new user experiences and differentiate from competitors. We are excited to partner with Swiss American CDMO to offer products that are better for brands, consumers, and the planet.”

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