PCI Pharma Services Making $100 Million Investment at New Hampshire Campus

The company’s investment will expand its capabilities and capacity in aseptic liquid fill-finish and sterile lyophilization technology, an important manufacturing process commonly used with injectable and biologic therapies.

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Following its acquisition of Lyophilization Services of New England in December 2021, PCI Pharma Services is investing $100 million into the construction and enhancement of the world-class facilities at its Bedford, N.H. campus. The expansion plan includes a 50,000-sq-ft facility, which will allow PCI to grow its breadth of services as a global CDMO, building on its expertise in biologics packaging and specialty manufacturing with a multi-product facility to service new and existing clients.

The building will contain state-of-the-art technology, including an aseptic fill-finish line with a fully isolated containment system. It will also hold twin lyophilizers with auto-loading and unloading systems, with the capacity to complete 400 vials per min on a sterile fill-finish line, helping accelerate speed to market, so patients receive therapies faster. The Bedford facility will allow PCI to stay ahead of growing demands for integrated large and small molecule solutions for clinical and commercial clients.

Following its recently announced construction of the New England Clinical Center of Excellence in Bridgewater, Mass., the Bedford location is well-positioned to create a centralized hub for its Northeast clients. PCI will also expand three additional Bedford-based facilities with more aseptic fill-finish and lyophilization capabilities to deliver market and dedicated client-based needs.

We are excited to introduce clients to our newest facility, which is part of our broader strategy to provide integrated end-to-end drug development, manufacturing, and packaging capabilities,” says Salim Haffar, chief executive officer, PCI Pharma Services. “Our investment in these facilities will ensure that PCI continues to leverage new capabilities in complex formulations, aseptic fill-finish, and lyophilization to meet the needs of our global clients, particularly as biologics continue their strong growth trajectory.

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