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Last Year’s Top 5 Biotech Trends

Read about 2022’s trends in the world of biotech that will continue to develop in the new year.

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A recent Singularity Hub article listed the top biotech stories of 2022, and they’re worth sharing. So here we go:

  1. Brain Implants: integrating technology with the human body is opening doors for people with limitations. Whether it’s a paralyzed man controlling robotic arms with his mind or helping someone with locked-in syndrome communicate, the field’s capabilities could be endless.
  1. Exploring Aging with Dogs: The Dog Aging Project is tracking genetics, metabolism, and microbiome factors in 60,000 dogs in an effort to learn about the aging process, which could shed light on human aging as well.
  1. Mega-Scale Studies: Scientists are taking on ambitious blockbuster studies to better understand the human body. A team of researchers used CRISPR to map every gene to its function, while another genetically sequenced 12,000+ tumors to link DNA mutations to types of cancer.
  1. Xenotransplantation: Scientists are honing in on successfully transplanting living cells, tissues, and organs from one species to another. This included a pig-to-human heart transplant for a patient who had no other options. 

  1. Using Tech to Predict Viral Infections: The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how vulnerable humans are to bugs, which bred innovation to get out in front of viral mutations before they happen. Scientists can now analyze and predict new viral variant soups to predict the mutations that could help them circumvent immunity. 
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