These Shoes Self-Adjust to Avoid Diabetic Issues

Researchers in India developed a mechanical self-regulating shoe to help diabetic patients maintain comfort while walking.

Adaptive Footwear

Diabetic patients sometimes experience an abnormal gait due to pain or numbness in their legs or feet. If left unattended, this can lead to complications in areas where their shoes rub their feed which can lead to ulcers. A recent Medgadget article discussed an innovative shoe that self-regulates the pressure to avoid such situations.

The footwear was developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science. It features a variety of arches that snap back into position when a certain amount of pressure is applied. This helps evenly distribute the pressure to avoid too much friction in any one part of the foot. There are other similar designs, but the team behind this one believes their is superior due to its mechanical nature and lower price point.

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