Dyson Announces Air-Purifying Headphones. Wait, What?

The Zone headphones pair Dyson’s existing air filtration technology with noise-canceling headphones.

Image: Dyson via The Verge

A recent article from The Verge reported on the newest product from Dyson: a pair of Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purification technology. They’re called the Zone, and they aim to combat air pollutants like industrial emissions, car exhausts, bacteria and allergens. The headphones employ Dyson’s existing air filtration technology in a miniaturized form. Each earpiece contains a tiny compressor that pulls air in and filters out up to 99% of particle pollution.

Rather than resting flush on the face, the visor sits in front of the face and creates a gap of clean air that can be breathed in. A separate attachment can be added to create a full-contact face mask if need be. The new headphones won’t drop until fall, and Dyson is keeping most specs such as price under wraps for now.

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