Deep Red Light Therapy Corrects Vision

As little as three minutes of exposure to deep red light once a week significantly improved declining eyesight.

A recent ScienceDaily article discussed a new method for correcting declining eyesight: deep red light. Last month, a team of researchers at University College London published a study in Scientific Reports in which participants were exposed to longwave deep red light for one single session. The study builds on previous studies that consisted of daily light therapy that ‘switched on’ energy producing mitochondria cells in the retina, improving naturally declining vision. 

On average, the researchers found that color contrast vision improved 17% after a single three minute morning session of exposure, and it lasted for at least a week.. However, when the study was repeated in the afternoon, no improvement was observed. They believe this is related to the shifting work patterns of mitochondria. The promising results of the study give hope for low-cost, non-invasive at-home treatments for naturally declining eyesight.

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