This Progesterone Wand Improves Chances of Getting Pregnant

A new device called Mira aims to help women maximize chances of conception and monitor reproductive health.

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, but technology can help. A recent Medgadget article discussed the latest gadget to assist in the procreation journey: a urine wand that detects pregnanediol glucuronide, which confirms ovulation. Simply place the wand in a urine sample and then insert it into an analysis device. The results can be seen on a smartphone app that displays hormone data. The information helps women understand their reproductive health, and know when they are most fertile.

Mira currently has two products: Mira, and Mira Fertility. The former detects luteinizing hormone, while the latter detects luteinizing hormone and estrogen. The article contains an exclusive interview with the Co-Founder and CEO of Mira, Sylvia Kang.

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