This Male Contraception Device Blasts Testes with Ultrasound

The new method of male birth control works in just two weeks, and is fully reversible.

Male contraception has been a hot topic in recent years as the healthcare industry tries to find a strategy as convenient as birth control pills for women. A recent InsideHook article discussed the latest method that uses ultrasound technology to prevent pregnancy. The device is called COSO, and it’s a new male contraception prototype that aims to provide long-term birth control, while being fully reversible and hormone-free.

Men can “steep” their testes in the device, which emits ultrasound waves. This generates deep heat in the testicular tissue, modifying sperm mobility and temporarily inhibiting the formation of new sperm. It is intended for home use after an initial visit to the doctor’s office, and pairs with an app that helps with compliance. Contraceptive effectiveness begins two weeks after application, and fertility is resumed within 6 months of the last session.

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