New Low-Cost Ventilator Features 3D Printed Origami Tube

Up to 95% of the components of the device are 3D printable, and it costs 90% less than existing products.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a shortage of ventilators that sparked a lot of innovation in the market. A recent Medgadget article discussed one such device that replaces the conventional air bag with a 3D printed origami tube. The device was conceived by researchers at Canada’s Simon Fraser University who wanted to create a low-cost portable ventilator to help in low-resource or remote regions where healthcare is scarce.

The 3D printed origami component consists of interlocking plates that form a tube that is smaller and stronger than the equivalent part on a conventional ventilator. While comparable products can cost over $2,000, the new ventilator can be produced for about $200 thanks to the fact that 95% of its components can be 3D printed. The team behind the device has partnered with a ventilator manufacturer to scale up production.

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