Honda is Developing a Navigation Tool for Blind People’s Shoes

The device connects to a user’s shoe and works with a smartphone to navigate them to a chosen destination.

Honda Is Working On A Shoe Navigation System For Visually Impaired People1

If you don’t think you’re dependent on your phone’s navigation system, you’re probably not being honest with yourself. GPS technology has made getting around a breeze. According to a recent KNOVHOV article, Honda is working to bring the technology to shoes in order to help visually impaired people navigate the world. The “in-shoe navigation system” is a device that’s connected to the user’s shoe and works in unison with their smartphone to help them find a predetermined location.

The system consists of two separate motion sensors, one for each shoe, that vibrate to indicate direction. If the left foot vibrates, it wants you to turn left and the same for the right foot. If both feet vibrate, the user is to continue forward motion. Using the system won’t interfere with the use of a cane or the ability to hear cues in the wearer’s environment. Honda expects the product to reach market in March of 2023. A video demonstration can be seen here

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