This Robotic Hand Can Play Video Games

Scientists created a robotic hand nimble enough to complete the first level of Super Mario Bros. in less than 90 seconds.

R Hand 1920 Resize Md

Prosthetics continue to improve as technology advances, and the trend seems to be replacing the hard exteriors of robots with soft robotics that are more versatile. According to a recent Interesting Engineering article, scientists at Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Maryland have developed a 3D-printed robotic hand that can play Nintendo games.

To achieve this, the team designed fluidic circuits that are controlled by applying a single control water pressure. The researchers use this concept to program the robotic hand and teach it when to walk and jump during gameplay by adjusting the pressure levels. Next, the team hopes to use the research to design custom prosthetics and rehabilitation devices. They’ve also shared their design so that the public can access and modify it for their own projects. 

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