Widex Uses AI to Personalize Hearing Aids

My Sound lets people customize their hearing aids in seconds to focus on their surroundings.

How you listen depends on your surroundings, and what you want to hear. When in a busy restaurant, you want to hear the people you’re dining with, but if you’re on the street, you want to be aware of all of your surroundings. This is easy for those with good hearing, but difficult for people who need assistance from a hearing aid. A recent article from Access & Mobility Professional discussed My Sound, a new technology from Widex that leverages artificial intelligence to allow the wearer to customize their hearing aids in seconds depending on what they want to focus on.

My Sound is available through the Widex MOMENT app, and uses cloud-based user data to make sound profile recommendations based on a patient’s current activity and listening intent. Users can choose their activity and intent, such as “dining” and “concentration.” My Sound then references tens of thousands of real-life data points and instantly offers customization options. 

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