Looking to Improve Your Warehouse? Here are 30 Ideas!

Take a look at ways to optimize efficiency in your warehouse from our in-house experts.

Your warehouse can never be too efficient, so we assembled a list of ideas to make sure you’re running at optimal productivity. The full list can be found here, but here are a few of my favorites:

Hands-Free Scanning – Keep hands and eyes free to keep workers more ergonomic, productive and safe. Wrist-mount and vision are a couple of options.

Pick Carts – Batch picking - discrete order pick. Can be cart, software, tablet, pick-to-voice or put-to-light. Low capital expenditure.

Micro Fulfillment – Solution used for e-commerce fulfillment. Designed to service small, regional area for same-day delivery. Benefits are process improvement, speed, low operating cost, more capacity. Found in regional DC, urban service center, hub retail store, spoke retail store.

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