An Expert Weighs in on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Rapid development of a vaccine is a great thing, as long as it meets the FDA’s standards.

We all know the COVID-19 vaccine is very close, but what do the experts think? Alex Long, Program Associate with the Science and Technology Innovation Program at The Wilson Center in Washington, DC, went on the record saying:

"The news surrounding vaccine success is something for everyone to celebrate. If these vaccines hold up to the FDA's regulatory scrutiny and prevent disease, as well as prevent transmission, we will have turned a corner in this global fight - not only because of our freedom from COVID-19 but also the novel technology's applicability to inevitable new and emerging diseases.

That said, if the vaccine distribution is done without global cooperation and a worldwide commitment to equitable vaccine sharing, we have put ourselves many steps back in the fight to combatting vaccine nationalism by ignoring the well-researched truth that no nation is safe unless all of them are."