Top 10 Biggest Pharma Companies

The global pharmaceutical industry will see positive growth this year, but who is leading the way?

While many industries are facing unfathomable challenges amid the global pandemic, one industry is actually poised to grow. You guessed it--it’s pharma. A recent Pharmaceutical Technology article listed the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies by revenue. Here’s the list, but refer to the full article for more information. 

  1. Johnson & Johnson - $56.1bn
  2. Pfizer - $51.57bn
  3. Roche - $49.23bn
  4. Novartis - $47.45bn
  5. Merck & Co. - $46.84bn
  6. GlaxoSmithKline - $46.27bn
  7. Sanofi - $40.46bn
  8. AbbVie - $33.26bn
  9. Takeda - $30.52bn
  10. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding - $26.6bn

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