Cannabis Terpenes Could Treat COVID-19

Researchers in Israel are testing the efficacy of cannabis terpenes in treating COVID-19 infections.

As the legalization of cannabis spreads throughout the US, and the polarizing plant becomes mainstream, its derivatives are finding new uses in the medical world. A recent L.A. Cannabis News article discussed an Israeli study that’s testing the benefits of using cannabis terpenes to treat inflammatory infections, such as COVID-19. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis varieties a distinctive flavor. They’re secreted in the same plant glands that produce cannabinoids, like THC and CBD.

The study, conducted by cannabis research and development firms Eybna and Cannasoul, examined how a specific cannabis terpene formulation can treat inflammatory conditions like cytokine storm syndrome, a common occurrence in severe COVID-19 cases. Initial results looked promising, and more information can be found at Health Europa.

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