Bormioli Pharma: Dual-Chamber Packaging System

AccuRec addresses drug stability and value-added medicines that lets patients easily reconstitute oral drug products in the packaging container.

Bormioli Pharma, a glass and plastic packaging manufacturer for the pharmaceutical sector, offers its innovative dual-chamber AccuRec system as a solution for unstable drug formulations and to deliver value-added medicines.

AccuRec is a dual-chamber packaging system that lets patients reconstitute, in a few easy steps, a range of oral drug products right in the packaging container. Pre-dosed solvent and drug powder are stored in separate chambers in a tamper-evident and child-proof package; a simple twist releases the powder into the solvent at time of dosing.

The AccuRec system, and the precise, effective reconstitution it allows, maximizes drug stability in reconstituted oral medicines by eliminating the need to include excipients with the active ingredient. Excipients are traditionally used in pharmaceuticals to make drugs more stable, but this can contribute to additional adverse side effects from drug toxicity, allergy, or intolerancei. AccuRec circumvents the need for excipients because the chambers prevent active ingredients from contacting and interacting with the solvent until the moment of administration.

Until now, reconstitution at the time of dosing has been complex and challenging for patients. The easy-to-use AccuRec system helps eliminate the chance for human error by providing guided self-administration and effective mixing of pre-dosed solvent and drug powder.

AccuRec’s design makes it attractive for value-added medicines, which are medicines based on known molecules that address health care needs and deliver relevant improvements for patients, health care professionals, and/or payersii. The value of existing medicine can be enhanced through a broad range of processes, including reformulation/repackaging.

Among the drivers for value-added medicines, patient non-adherence is the top-most compliance concern, according to IQVIA Instituteiii. Of the estimated avoidable costs, non-adherence (57%) far outpaced delayed evidence-based treatment practice (13%), antibiotic misuse (11%), and medication errors (9%) among total avoidable costs. Value-added medicines are meant to deliver such benefits as greater convenience, improved compliance, a better patient experience, safety, better outcomes, or a more effective drug.

AccuRec is designed to improve the patient experience with easier, simplified drug reconstitution. Turning a complex procedure like reconstitution into an easy one can lead to better patient compliance and offer pharmaceutical companies new ways to solve dosing and compliance problems.

Bormioli Pharma exclusively serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market with integrated glass and plastic containers, closures and accessories for packaging, using state-of-the-art materials and technologies. This includes transparent and amber bottles in Type I, II, and III glass for a range of dosage forms, as well as child-proof and tamper-evident closures. These products are developed to guarantee drug integrity and improve patient quality of life. Bormioli Pharma is ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 (GMP) certified and registered with the main international control organizations.

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