Clariant Corp.: Relative humidity control products

New EQ line controls equilibrium RH in pharmaceutical and medical packaging applications.

Clariant EQ
Clariant EQ

EQ-Can® and EQ-Pak® from Clariant Healthcare Packaging control the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) level in a variety of pharmaceutical and medical packaging applications. Working as both a desiccant (adsorbent) and humectant (desorbent), the EQ line of products help drug and medical device manufactures maintain shelf life and product integrity when excessively humid or dry conditions are problematic.  Excessive moisture can result in deliquescence, decomposition, or API instability. Overly dry conditions can sometimes accelerate efflorescence or cracking, for example with gelatin coatings. Drugs delivered via drug powder inhalers (DPIs) also require specific humidity conditions to ensure optimized deposition of the powdered medication in the lungs.  With Clariant’s solution, a specific humidity range—such as 20% RH—can be maintained, in order to avoid conditions at either extreme during product shelf life. Clariant’s EQ line includes canisters, packets, or customized configurations.

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