Honeyman Group launches revolutionary pure water system into the Pharmaceutical Sector*

The Honeyman Group, the pharmaceutical process support specialist, has unveiled a revolutionary new pure water distribution system for the pharmaceutical industry, HydroGienic.

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The system is the first major innovation in high purity water storage and distribution for more than 30 years and dramatically reduces system installation and maintenance downtime, improves productivity and flexibility.

Central to the innovation is the application of a parallel delivery system through small-bore PTFE hoses, which connects offtakes in parallel instead of via a conventional stainless steel re-circulating loop.

The parallel delivery system allows for the simple isolation of individual offtakes to enable the addition, modification or removal of offtakes without the inconvenience or consequences of an entire system shutdown. This modular build capability is unique in water system technology.

Any combination of offtakes can be used simultaneously providing up to 100 percent diversity and without compromising flow rates no matter how large the system. The inability of a conventional loop system to achieve such diversity often leads to compromised production schedules and reduced output.

A major advancement on the re-circulating loop, HydroGienic® also uses a unique reverse flow principle for hydraulic balancing, which allows long distance of hose to be run at small bores and pressures lower than 10 bar.

The unique use of the small-bore hoses to deliver pure water around the manufacturing facility as opposed to the traditional stainless steel loop offers key advantages.

Specifically, the hose innovation minimises the rigorous installation, inspection and qualification procedures required by welded stainless steel systems and significantly reduces the need for degreasing and passivation.

The first HydroGienic® system has been installed at UK contract pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging company, Dales Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Skipton, Yorkshire.

Dales is utilising the Purified Water (PW) generated and distributed by HydroGienic® for the production of pharmaceuticals, washing manufacturing equipment and facility cleansing.

Trevor Honeyman, Chairman of The Honeyman Group said: “HydroGienic® is the only effective system designed to meet the demands of 21st century pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing facilities. These facilities need to have modular flexibility and be adaptable to meet their changing production needs. HydroGienic® offers a truly unique hygienic piping system that has been designed to efficiently and hygienically deliver pure water to all of the offtakes around a pharmaceutical facility.

“It stands out from more traditional systems because it delivers pure water to the user points in parallel and via small bore PTFE hoses. The design of HydroGienic® means that project and installation timescales are massively reduced.

Trevor added: “The parallel delivery system means that the system can be very easily and quickly expanded or modified which is important because modern pharmaceutical facilities are becoming more fast track and modular with increased requirements for upgrading and modifying systems to meet demand. With the 20 year life span of a water system, this flexibility is extremely important.”

Mike Annice, Managing Director of Dales Pharmaceuticals, said: “We have invested in HydroGienic® as a practical solution to Dales' future requirements. It's a flexible system that can easily be increased in capacity as the business continues to grow, which can be achieved at reasonable cost.

“The increased capacity of the system and the improvements in the quality of the water supply to the manufacturing department will provide us with the biggest benefit.”
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