First Online Anti-Aging Clinic Launched

A Detroit-based doctor just launched the first online clinic dedicated to slowing aging with common drugs.

Dr. Zalzala / Image: CNBC
Dr. Zalzala / Image: CNBC

A recent CNBC article discussed a new first in online medical clinics. Detroit-based doctor Sajad Zalzala has launched the first anti-aging online clinic intended to slow the process of aging with the prescription of common drugs. Since Dr. Zalzala is a licensed physician in all 50 states, he can treat patients across the country by phone or online on his new website Qalytude.

The main drug he will be focusing on is Metformin, a drug intended to treat type 2 diabetes, but some are using in hopes of staving off aging since it did so in trials on mice. Zalzala is no stranger to virtual medical companies; he has previously worked for a handful of them including Hims and Pill Club.

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