The People Have Spoken: Medicinal Marijuana > Prescription Drugs

Researchers at University of Michigan found that patients will likely use medical marijuana as a supplement or substitute for prescription drugs.

Marijuana vs Prescription Drugs / Image: U-M
Marijuana vs Prescription Drugs / Image: U-M

A recent article from University of Michigan’s Michigan News discussed a new study that examined the relationship between medical marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs. Medical cannabis is typically prescribed to treat pain, back issues, depression and headaches. Often times, it can be used as an alternative to prescription drugs that could come with a variety of side effects or dependency.

The researchers distributed 450 surveys to adults who use cannabis at a public event for marijuana law reform at U-M, where medical cannabis has been legal since 2008. Of the survey participants, 44% of medical marijuana users stopped taking a pharmaceutical drug or used less of one, or both, in favor of cannabis. 78% reported using marijuana to treat a medical or health condition, noting preference over pharmaceutical drugs due to higher ratings on effectiveness, side effects, availability, and cost.

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