Diabetes Epidemic Leads to Insulin Shortage

A new study revealed that current insulin supplies are inadequate for the increased demand from diabetic patients.

Insulin / Image: Marcela Barsse
Insulin / Image: Marcela Barsse

A recent NBC News article discussed a new study on diabetes, an affliction that now affects 9% of adults worldwide. Apparently the spread of a “Western, urban” lifestyle has caused a surge of Type 2 diabetes in developing countries, and the amount of insulin needed to effectively treat everyone is inadequate.

Just three companies control global insulin supply: Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, and Eli Lilly. These companies have strategies and programs in place to help patients gain access to their products, but the middlemen and infrastructure necessary to bring them to the developing world will likely increase costs, making insulin unaffordable. If improvements in access and affordability don’t happen soon, the world could face a devastating shortage of the blood sugar regulator.

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