Labeling Issue Prompts Blood Pressure Medicine Recall

Accord Healthcare recalled bottles labeled for hydrochlorothiazide that actually contained spironolactone, according to the FDA.

Recalled Lot
Recalled Lot

An NBC News article noted a mislabeling that led to the recall of a lot of a popular blood pressure medicine. According to an FDA statement, the labels on Accord Healthcare bottles said they contained hydrochlorothiazide, but they actually contained spironolactone, a drug intended to treat heart, liver, and kidney failure.

Accord didn’t become aware of the mix-up until a pharmacy reached out. Spironolactone typically treats fluid retention for patients with heart, liver, or kidney failure. Accidental ingestion could lead to life-threatening situations or arrhythmia, or improper beating of the heart. Fortunately, the FDA hasn’t received any reports of injury.

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