Got a Cut? Just Throw Some Clay in It.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic are reviving an old practice to help fight disease-causing bacteria in wounds.

Medical Clay / Image: Mayo
Medical Clay / Image: Mayo

The use of clay as a topical treatment for wounds is a very old practice that’s still used in some cultures. A recent article from Mayo Clinic’s News Network says researchers at Mayo and Arizona State University are experimenting with a specific type of clay to help fight disease-causing bacteria like E. coli and staph, and even some that are resistant to other treatments.

The clay the team used is reduced iron-bearing blue clay from Oregon, and it’s proven to kill certain strains of bacteria in a laboratory setting. This includes bacteria grown as biofilms, which are typically very difficult to treat since they develop a protective film that’s resistant to antibiotics. Biofilms are present in two-thirds of infections treated by physicians.

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