Novartis Enters EpiPen Game With Adamis Deal

Novartis’ Sandoz unit acquires U.S. rights to Symjepi, the prefilled epinephrine syringe from Adamis Pharmaceuticals.


Lack of competition and flubbed roll-outs of EpiPen alternatives has left the market wide open, allowing Mylan to make aggressive price hikes on its sweetheart blockbuster. However, a recent FiercePharma article noted an acquisition play by Swiss drugmaker Novartis that could level the playing field.

Novartis’ generics department, Sandoz, inked a deal with Adamis to market their EpiPen alternative, Symjepi. While the name might not be as catchy as the original, the pre-filled epinephrine syringes have a chance to become a major player in the EpiPen market with Novartis’ marketing muscle behind it. No financial details of the deal have been released, but allegedly Adamis will receive a large upfront payment plus half of net profits.

The FDA approved Symjepi last June, and it took the company a full year to find a marketing partner, but it seems now is the time for the product to roll out. The company has not yet disclosed the price of its product, but a spokesperson noted, “We want to position this product as a low-cost alternative to the other current offerings in the anaphylaxis market.”

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