Move Over Skin Prick Tests, “Sniff-And-Pee” is the New Allergy Test in Town

Researchers are now testing urine samples before and after subjects sniff allergens in order to identify biomarkers tied to allergic responses.

New Allergy Test / Image: Checkup Newsroom
New Allergy Test / Image: Checkup Newsroom

Current allergy tests consist of a doctor pricking the skin of the subject with trace amounts of allergens and monitoring the skin’s reaction. The process is painful, tedious, and according to a recent article from American Council on Science and Health, they may be unnecessary.

A new test, simply dubbed the “sniff-and-pee test” has subjects sniff allergens before their urine is analyzed for metabolites biomarkers that indicate allergies. The new test eliminates the discomfort of needle tests, but it does have its own drawbacks. Sniffing allergens cases a runny, itchy, sneezy nose, and can only assess one allergen at a time. The trials proved the concept, but some work is needed before the new test is ready to become mainstream.

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