What Hurricanes Taught Us About Drug Distribution

Industry insider Jim Chrzan reflects on the lessons learned by government and industry from the natural disasters of 2017.

Hurricane Maria's effect on St. Croix / Image: Jonathan Drake
Hurricane Maria's effect on St. Croix / Image: Jonathan Drake

A recent article from Logistics for the Life Sciences discussed the 2017 hurricane season that devastated both government agencies and the private sector, and the lessons to be gleaned from it. Restoring power and organization to hospitals is important, but equal emphasis should be placed on alternative health services that exist to prevent hospital visits in the first place.

The article notes Healthcare Ready’s Rx Open, which helps patients find nearby open pharmacies in areas impacted by disaster. The service combines data from multiple data feeds and displays locations on Google Maps. Times of crisis can expose vulnerabilities in the supply chain, and it’s important for companies, both public and private, to learn from these events and improve. You never know when the next disaster will come, but you can always be more prepared.

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