New Packaging Displays Liquid Level in Opaque Bottles

Innovative medication packaging features a ‘level indicator’ that measures liquid level at the push of a button, and displays it for the patient.

August Faller's Smart Packaging / Image: Faller
August Faller's Smart Packaging / Image: Faller

A March 6th article from Packaging Europe featured a creative solution to viewing medication levels in opaque bottles to improve patient compliance. The packaging, developed by the August Faller Group, combines a small e-paper display with electronic controls for an integrated level indicator, without significantly increasing the size of the box.

Faller has actually developed three Smart Packaging prototypes: Level Indicator, Counting Device, and Medical Prescription. The second design is capable of counting tablets, while the latter can count and remind the patient to take their medication on time via a specially developed smartphone app. The prototypes were developed in collaboration with Freiburg and Pforzheim Universities’ MSC Technologies.

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