Israel Makes Medicinal Marijuana an Official Farming Sector

Israel’s Agricultural Ministry will grant up to 20 farmers government aid in the farming of medical marijuana.

Israeli Pot Farm / Image: AP Photo/Dan Balilty
Israeli Pot Farm / Image: AP Photo/Dan Balilty

It seems every week there’s a new story about the legitimization of marijuana, and this week’s no exception. A recent Marijuana Business Daily article contained good news for marijuana growers in Israel: the country has named the crop an official farming sector. This news comes on the heels of an August announcement that the nation plans to begin exporting medical cannabis.

The new classification means that up to 20 farmers will qualify for government aid consisting of grants, water quotas, and training. The ministry projects the medical marijuana industry could generate 1-4 billion shekels ($279 million - $1.1 billion) annually. The Agriculture Ministry has also allotted funds to biochemical studies in hopes of improving marijuana-growing practices.

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