1/3 of Pharma Companies Aren’t Ready for Serialization

With the first serialization deadline quickly approaching, more than a third of pharma manufacturers and contract packagers aren’t prepared.

Serialization / Image: Cognex
Serialization / Image: Cognex

According to a May 16th article from PharmTech, 36% of pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packagers aren’t properly set-up to meet global requirements for serialization. The information comes from a survey conducted by serialization provider SEA Vision and life sciences technology company Zenith Technologies. Here are some more stats from the survey:

  • 51% of respondents who are not prepared to meet the regulations blame lack of internal resources
  • 15% of respondents who aren’t prepared believe it’s too early to begin preparations
  • 56% of respondents have begun the serialization journey with only compliance in mind
  • 44% of respondents say they plan to utilize serialization to achieve broader business benefits

“While serialization presents a number of challenges, it also creates an opportunity to review business processes and improve productivity. Those companies that embrace the changes and make preparing for the DSCSA and the FMD a priority, have a real opportunity to differentiate their offering, and it is our goal to support this process,”says Carlos Machado, serialization director at SEA Vision US.

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