Amazon to Enter Pharma?

Each year, Amazon holds a meeting to discuss entering the pharmaceutical market; this year, they’re hiring a business lead to figure it out.

Amazon Headquarters / Image: CNBC
Amazon Headquarters / Image: CNBC

As more industries shift to e-commerce, many have wondered who could be the Amazon of the pharmaceutical industry? According to a recent CNBC article, it could be Amazon. Industry experts believe it could be a multibillion opportunity for the e-commerce giant. According to unnamed sources, Amazon has begun recruiting in the pharmacy industry for a position that would sit under the consumables business.

Last month, the company broadened its Prime Now delivery service to include drugs and cosmetics in partnership with local businesses. In Japan, Amazon’s category page includes “pharmaceuticals” and sells drugs directly to patients with pharmacist approval. With the trend of high-deductible plans and more consumers paying out of pocket for health care, Amazon could soon be the go-to for drugs. Of course, Amazon declined to comment.

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